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Are Natural Products Cruelty Free?

Are Natural Products Cruelty Free?

Today, it is more or less known how chemical products affect human health over the years. This situation has caused many people to turn to natural products.

Many cosmetics, personal care products and cleaning products are now offered for sale with the natural label. These products go through different tests and analyzes within the scope of being a natural product. However, our topic is whether a product with the natural label is Cruelty Free…

Natural products are basically produced in accordance with certain conditions in accordance with human health, away from many chemicals. However, these products also pass many tests. For a natural product to be Cruelty Free, it must be produced in accordance with the "Cruelty Free Certification System".

In short, even if a product is produced naturally, it may not be Cruelty Free. But it can also get Cruelty Free Certification.


11 Mart 2022