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Is ColFlo 67 Vegan?

Is ColFlo 67 Vegan?

What is ColFlo 67?

ColFlo 67 is a modified type of starch. ColFlo 67, generally used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, is known for its thickener, stabilizer and emulsifier properties. This modified starch is obtained by modifying corn starch by chemical or physical methods, thus improving its properties and making it suitable for various industrial applications.

Usage Areas of ColFlo 67

1. Food Industry
• Thickener: It is used as a thickener in soups, sauces, puddings and ice creams. It ensures that the products have the desired consistency and leaves a pleasant texture in the mouth.
• Stabilizer: It is used as a stabilizer in dairy products and ice creams, keeping the products homogeneous and preventing water release. • Emulsifier: It acts as an emulsifier in products where oil and water are mixed. In this way, it ensures that the products remain durable for a longer time and have the desired structure.

2. Pharmaceutical Industry
• Tablet Production: It is used as a binder in tablets. It helps tablets to shape properly and remain intact.
• Liquid Medicines: It is used as a viscosity regulator in liquid medicines, thus increasing the fluidity and stability of the medicines.

3. Cosmetics Industry
• Creams and Lotions: It is used as a thickener in creams and lotions. It ensures that the products have a smooth texture and gives a pleasant feeling during application.
• Make-up Products: It is used as a stabilizer in make-up products, ensuring that the products remain homogeneous and It ensures that it spreads properly during use.

Benefits of ColFlo 67

1. Advanced Texture and Consistency
• ColFlo 67 ensures that the products have the desired consistency and offer a pleasant texture to the consumer. This is a great advantage, especially in food and cosmetic products.

2. Stability and Shelf Life
• It increases the stability of the products, allowing them to have a longer shelf life. By preventing the release of water in food products, it preserves the freshness of the products.

3. Versatile Use
• A wide range of uses makes ColFlo 67 a preferred component in various industries. It can be used in many areas from food to medicine, from cosmetics to industrial applications.

Is ColFlo 67 Vegan?

ColFlo 67 is obtained from corn starch. Corn is a herbal source and contains no animal ingredients. This means that ColFlo 67 is of plant origin and essentially vegan-friendly.

15 Mayıs 2024