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Cruelty Free Certification Requirements

Cruelty Free Certification Requirements

Nanocert Cruelty Free Certification System is an independent system established to produce as demanded by conscious consumers who are sensitive to animal testing and analysis.

Products that can get Cruelty Free certification are:

- Skin Care Products
- Bathroom Products
- Hair Care Products
- Body Fragrances, Perfume
- Makeup Supplies
- Personal Body Care Products such as Eyes, Teeth, Ears
- Animal Care Products
- Candles, Home Fragrances
- Furniture Polish
- Lime Removers, Sink Openers
- Cleaning Wipes, Disinfectants
- Dish, Laundry, Floor, Surface, Carpet, Window and Oven Cleaning Products

The cosmetic, personal care and cleaning products mentioned above should not be subjected to any animal testing during their production process. Requirements for the products in question within the scope of the Nanocert Cruelty Free Certificate System:

- Product raw materials must not be tested on animals.
- The final product must not have been tested on animals.
- Raw material suppliers and manufacturers should undertake that they do not test their products on animals.


11 Mart 2022