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Cruelty Free Cleaning Product Certificate

Cruelty Free Cleaning Product Certificate

Cleaning products are indispensable in our daily life. Cleanliness comes first, both at home, in our workplace and in production areas. The different usage areas necessitate some differences in cleaning products.

Generally, the products used in cleaning the home and office environments and the products used in areas such as toilets differ. Likewise, the cleaning materials used in a metal processing factory and the cleaning materials used in food production areas differ.

The important point for the Cruelty Free Certification system is that all cleaning products used in the market are not tested on animals. Many cleaning products have to pass tests and analyzes before they can be put on the market. Considering human health, various irritations and irritations are necessary tests to prevent allergic effects.

Conscious consumers' questioning whether these necessary tests and analyzes were carried out on animals brought a different dimension to the industry. With this increasing awareness, cleaning companies can prove that their products are not tested on animals with the Cruelty Free Certification System to show how animal-loving and conscious they are.

You can take your place in the conscious production system by obtaining the "Cruelty Free Certificate" for many cleaning products that we can think of, such as bleach, oil remover, rust and lime remover, surface cleaners, laundry and dishwashing detergents.


11 Mart 2022