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Cruelty Free Cleaning Wipes

Cleaning Wipes Cruelty Free Certification

One of the most preferred products of recent years is disposable cleaning wipes, which do not require the use of different cleaning products.

These wipes containing cleaning solution are very practical in small packages that you can take wherever you want. However, in addition to being so practical and preferable, most cleaning wipes are tested on animals.

It is necessary for disposable cleaning wipes to be produced without harming any animals in order to be used with peace of mind. For this reason, cleaning wipes manufacturers can update the production process in a way that does not harm animals with the Cruelty Free Certification System.

In this way, it has proven its sensitivity by changing the production system. Many companies can obtain Cruelty Free Certificate by replacing the animal tests carried out in their production processes with alternatives.


11 Mart 2022