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Cruelty Free Diaper Certificate

Cruelty Free Diaper Certificate

While choosing diapers, attention is paid to many features such as being leakproof, ergonomic and hygienic. So how important is it to be Cruelty Free?

Many baby and child products, such as diapers, pass some tests and analyzes. In order for a diaper to be produced properly, it goes through many studies. Cruelty Free movement, which is given importance all over the world, also applies to diapers.

All the stages and analyzes that a diaper goes through should be free from animal cruelty. It is not clear at first glance whether a diaper is Cruelty Free or not. For this reason, diapers, like many products, must bear the Cruelty Free logo. Diapers bearing the Cruelty Free logo have passed certain inspections and controls. It can be used with peace of mind.


11 Mart 2022