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Cruelty Free Disinfectant Certificate

Cruelty Free Disinfectant Certificate

With the pandemic period we live in, the use of cleaning products such as soap and the number of daily hand washing have also increased. With hand cleaning gaining more importance than usual, hand disinfectants have become indispensable in addition to soap.

Of course, the use of disinfectant is not limited to hand sanitizer. Disinfectants are also used in our working environments in the disinfection of public transportation that we use constantly. As biocidal products, disinfectants have to meet certain requirements and pass tests and analyzes depending on these requirements.

Disinfectants are licensed depending on the analysis and test results in question. That's why the tests are important. So, are disinfectants Cruelty Free?

Of course, we cannot tell at first sight whether a disinfectant is Cruelty Free. If a disinfectant does not carry the Cruelty Free label, we do not know whether this product is or will not test on animals in the future.

In this case, Cruelty Free Certification System becomes important. With the certification system, which is based on proving that all analyzes of a product, starting from raw materials until it becomes the final product, are not performed on animals, consumers are provided with peace of mind.


11 Mart 2022