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Cruelty Free Foundation Certificate

Cruelty Free Foundation Certificate

One of the most used products in make-up is foundation. Foundation is especially used to obtain a flawless and smooth skin. foundations; It is sold as stick, liquid, cream, foam, moisturizer, powder, compressed in different forms and colors.

Foundations, like all cosmetic products, undergo tests and analyzes to prevent the possibility of allergen, skin and eye irritation until they reach the consumer. Today, many consumers question whether cosmetic products are Cruelty Free.

Cosmetic products bearing the Cruelty Free label are products that have not been tested on animals. The Nanocert Cruelty Free Certification System is an audit-based certification system initiated to prevent cruel testing and analysis on animals.

Cosmetic products can be followed up from the raw materials to the final product, from the suppliers to the final manufacturer, and can be proven to be "Cruelty Free" by proving that they are not tested on animals.


11 Mart 2022