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Cruelty Free Mascara Certificate

Cruelty Free Mascara Certificate

Rimel is one of the indispensable products of eye make-up. It is a product that many people prefer as a make-up material on a daily basis. Mascara with different properties is produced by many different brands.

In general, the considerations when purchasing mascara are the voluminous appearance, making the lashes appear longer and more beautiful than they are. Another issue that has been increasing in recent years is that mascara, like all cosmetic products, has the "Cruelty Free" label.

The expression Cruelty Free generally means that a cosmetic or personal care product is produced without undergoing analysis involving cruelty on animals. While producing a mascara, it may need to pass various tests based on skin contact and eye contact. For this reason, in order to receive the Cruelty Free label, it must be inspected and approved by authorized certification bodies.

In this way, it can be used with peace of mind, making sure that cosmetic products such as mascara are produced without cruelty to animals.


11 Mart 2022