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Cruelty Free Perfume Certificate

Cruelty Free Perfume Certificate

Smell is an important issue for everyone, especially women. The use of perfume is now our daily indispensable. There are many different brands and many different fragrances. Even special stores for perfume sales…

Although the use of perfume is a product dating back to ancient times, it is a product variety that is constantly diversified and preferred. Perfumes contain various chemical substances for many reasons, such as increasing their permanence, apart from fragrance substances. In addition, prolonged contact with the skin can cause an allergen effect or irritation, especially on sensitive skin.

For these reasons, products such as perfume can prove to be usable by the consumer by passing some tests and analyzes. The analyzes in perfumes such as cosmetic products, personal care products, cleaning products are also questioned from different perspectives today.

With the increasing awareness of animal rights, it has been questioned whether products such as perfume are tested on animals. From raw material analysis to final product analysis, it should not have been tested on animals at any stage. Perfumes that are not tested on animals can obtain a "Cruelty Free" certificate and use the Cruelty Free logo on their products.


11 Mart 2022