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Cruelty Free Shampoo Certificate

Cruelty Free Shampoo Certificate

Shampoo is indispensable for our personal care. It is one of the most important hair care products. There are many types of shampoos available in the market right now. There are many types of shampoos that are produced especially according to hair types and consumer demands.

shampoos; Shampoo for oily hair, shampoo for treated hair, shampoo for dyed hair, restorative shampoo, volumizing shampoos, anti-shedding shampoos are produced for different purposes.

All shampoo types contain different substances according to their purpose. It must be tested and analyzed before it reaches the consumer in order to determine whether these substances are suitable for human health and whether any allergic reaction or irritation will occur with the use of the shampoo.

Most cosmetics and personal care products, such as shampoos, are tested for allergic effects and possible irritation. However, besides the testing and analysis of these products, it is also a question of what method they are tested… All tests and analyzes carried out up to the final product, including all raw materials used within the Cruelty Free Certification process, should not have been carried out on animals.

When purchasing a cosmetic or personal care product, consumers question whether the products are tested on animals and prefer Cruelty Free products. Shampoos bearing the Cruelty Free label are products that have proven not to be tested on animals. By purchasing Cruelty Free shampoos, you can be sure that they are produced without cruelty to animals.


11 Mart 2022