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Cruelty Free Soap Certificate

Cruelty Free Soap Certificate

Soap; It is the most used and most accessible cleaning material. It is the basic cleaning agent in our homes, working environments and all common areas. Soap varieties can be obtained from different sources and enriched with different substances.

Especially natural soaps are the most preferred varieties of recent years. Soap can be obtained from many raw materials such as lavender, bittim, laurel, olive oil, goat's milk, rose. In addition, a variety of fragrant soaps are preferred for both hand washing and showering.

They pass through various tests, such as products that can contain many chemicals in soaps. It should not be harmful especially due to skin and eye contact. In this case, it is controlled by testing and analysis. There are many analyzes performed on soaps. However, conscious and animal-loving individuals demand that all cosmetics and personal care products they purchase bear the Cruelty Free label.

Soap varieties with Cruelty Free certificate are products that have proven to be produced and offered for sale without undergoing any animal analysis. Products sold with the Cruelty Free logo guarantee that they are not subjected to animal protection and cruelty-free testing and analysis.


11 Mart 2022