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Is Castor/Castoreum Vegan?

Is Castor/Castoreum Vegan?

Castoreum, actually a type of animal secretion, primarily belongs to the Eurasian beaver known as Castor fiber. This secretion is found in the genital glands of the beaver and serves as a means of defense, marking, and communication. Castoreum has been used in the medical, cosmetic, and perfume industries since ancient times.

In the medical field, Castoreum has been believed to possess analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It has been used in the treatment of various ailments since ancient times, although its use in modern medicine has greatly diminished.

In the cosmetic and perfume industries, Castoreum has been used as one of the components of essential oils and fragrances. It is known for its warm, woody, and slightly leathery scent, adding depth and character to perfumes.

Today, the use of Castoreum is less common due to the development of synthetic alternatives. These synthetic alternatives have replaced Castoreum, reducing concerns about the depletion of natural resources and harm to animals. Therefore, the use and demand for Castoreum have declined over time.

Is Castoreum Vegan?

Veganism advocates for avoiding the use of animal-derived products and opposing the exploitation of animals. Therefore, as Castoreum is an animal product, it is not considered vegan and is generally not used by those who adhere to a vegan lifestyle.

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