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Vegan Ice Cream Certification

Creamy Vegan Ice Cream Production

The adoption of veganism day by day has led to the production of vegan versions of many food types. Vegan ice cream is tried by many manufacturers.

Finally, positive results were obtained in the studies carried out with the cooperation of Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) for the production of foamy vegan ice cream with improved texture and melting properties, without additives.

Since vegan ice cream does not contain milk, the freezing process that has been created for years has had to be changed and developed. Replacing fat (from milk) and protein (from whey / milk) can drastically change stabilization, shape retention and melting behavior and overall microstructure.

The main purpose of vegan ice cream is to produce a product that can compete with regular ice cream. Positive results have been obtained as a result of the studies. However, studies are still ongoing.

Vegan products are very popular and consumers want to consume foods similar to their non-vegan counterparts.


11 Mart 2022