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Vegan Cheese Certification

Vegan Cheese Production and Consumption in the World

The consumption of meat and meat products with vegan diet is denied, as well as the consumption of dairy products of animal origin. In this case, the production of vegan substitutes of foods in the market has gained importance. A recent study found that cheese lovers show aversion to veganism. This situation is tried to be met by plant-based cheese production.

Vegan cheese companies have launched vegan cheeses such as cream cheese, parmesan, cheddar, and ricotto to appeal to a wider audience.

Especially consumers who have health problems such as lactose intolerance are interested in consuming plant-based cheese. Of course, in terms of veganism, animal welfare and environmental concerns direct consumers to vegan cheese varieties.

production and consumption for the moment although the varieties produced by different firms and claimed cheese in many countries in the world are produced in Turkey.


11 Mart 2022