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What Is Cruelty Free?

What Is Cruelty Free?

Crulety Free Certification System is a certification system prepared for the purpose of representing animal rights independently, sensitively and consciously. Its foundation is based on the goal of putting an end to brutal testing on animals.

Many animals, including mice, rats, frogs, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, monkeys, fish and birds, are subjected to ruthless testing to determine the safety of products such as medical studies, different scientific studies, cosmetics, personal care products and cleaning products.

Many mild or severe tests are performed on animals. These tests cause irreversible damage to animals. Therefore, the use of alternative test methods should be encouraged.

In particular, in vitro studies based on human cells and tissues may be preferred over animal tests. With the Cruelty Free Certificate, it is determined that a company does not test its products on animals and consumers can buy it with peace of mind.


11 Mart 2022