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What is Cruelty Free?

What is Cruelty Free?

The term Cruelty Free, which is an important expression for conscious consumers; It is present on many products today. Crulety Free or cruelty-free means that a product and all of the products it contains are not tested on animals.

The requirements for companies that can carry the Crulety Free label and phrase on their products are as follows:

- The final product and all its ingredients must not have been tested on animals.
- Suppliers must declare that all raw materials are not tested on animals.
- The company producing the final product may not have tested on animals, but it is unacceptable for suppliers to apply animal testing on raw materials.
- The supplier companies as well as the manufacturer should meet the Cruelty Free requirements.
- Manufacturers and suppliers should set a fixed stop date. With this date, it should not test its products on animals and should not support such actions.
- Each product can be evaluated with all its raw materials and can get Cruelty Free Certificate.


11 Mart 2022